Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gameday 4/10: Reds @ Diamondbacks (L 5-4) (11 innings)

It's late, I'm tired, and I've got class in the morning, so I'll only address some of the immediately pressing things on my mind about this game.

But I'm also angry, so I'll vent my ire in a lengthy post tomorrow. I've got a lot to say about this Reds team. And not much of it will make fans happy, that's for sure.

But two things right now:

1. Congratulations are in order to Josh Hamilton on his first hit in the bigs: a two-run homer. Not much can top that. I'd say the boys in red owe him a drink, but perhaps an O'Doul's would be better for Josh.

2. Jerry Narron should publicly apologize to Reds Nation for taking off the bunt in the 11th inning. I don't care that Edwin Encarnacion has never had a bunt in his major-league career. I don't care that his first attempt didn't look so good (he was jammed by a pitch! Of course the bunt's going to look bad!). If you're a major-league ballplayer, you need to know how to bunt, or you do not deserve to be on the team. Chris Welsh (who was absolutely belittled by Thom Brennaman in the booth tonight) said that perhaps the bunt was taken off because it was a 3-1 count and Narron probably figured that Cruz would feed him an easy fastball. All the more reason to bunt! If he's going to throw a fastball right down Broadway, any hack can stick a piece of wood in the way and put the ball in play. I'd say the Reds should be 5-3 right now, had Ross not been up to the plate next, ready to flail at the ball like an epileptic fish.

But I'll elaborate on point number two tomorrow. There's a lot to talk about.

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