Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The duties of a newly-christened professional

Welcome all newcomers! I know (I hope) there will be many of you. I've been commissioned by the Athens Messenger to be their new sports blogger. So this isn't just for kicks anymore. This is my job.

And thus, I'll put a real professional's effort into it. I'll do some real reporting, I'll delve into some analysis. As a fan of Cincinnati sports, there will likely be a little content bias, but I'll do my best to cover all the bases. I'll post the latest news and impressions from around the world of sports, and I'll help keep this sleepy little area in southeast Ohio up to date on what's going on, on the outside.

But I won't neglect the inside, as well. You'll see some news and info about the Bobcats as they make their inevitable run deep into the MAC Tournament. Maybe I'll post a little about Athens area high schools. Who knows?

Check back, and check back often. After all, I pour my soul into this for all of you.

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